Whole Sweet Life

Whole30: 10

Posted on: October 28, 2011

I’ve made it a third of the way!  Surprisingly I don’t think I am missing dairy products at all – my usually favorite (cheese), isn’t even tempting me these days.  I’m shocked! Yes, I still long for a little bit of butter, but that will come in time 🙂  My cold is still slowly slipping away…it’s funny because from the neck down I really feel great, its just my head that is still giving me some trouble.  I was less hungry today, I think from having a better breakfast.

B: 2 eggs, sausage, coconut oil

L: brisket, 1/2 avocado, cucumber

S: hardboiled egg, coconut flakes

D: few bites of steak, pretty much a whole head of purple cauliflower (it was small and I just ate the florets)…then an hour or so later I had an apple with a mix of coconut/almond butter

I probably ate the apple since I didn’t have enough at dinner…I didn’t really like the steak so much.  I don’t have a grill so I have to cook it on my grill pan on my stove and steak/burgers just never seem to turn out right.  I think I am going to take a steak break and focus more on things I can make in my crockpot, or bake in the oven.  I am impressed that I have almost gone through my whole farmer’s market stash, for some reason I tend to never use anything and let things go bad.  I have some ground beef left that I plan on making another meatloaf out of tomorrow.  I don’t think my slight headache has anything to do with not eating enough today…I wonder if this is just still the initial “detox” of the stuff I was eating before?  I am longing for the day where everything finally kicks in and I am feeling the energy everyone is always talking about!


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