Whole Sweet Life

Whole30: 11

Posted on: October 29, 2011

I’m feeling significantly better today which I’m happy about.  I think that all of the stuffiness should be gone in the next few days, woo.  Again, it’s hard to tell 100% since I am on the tail end of this cold, but all of the sudden today I realized that maybe I did have a little more energy.  Fridays are typically a super busy day at work , and when I get home I just want to collapse on the couch.  Today when I got home my head was telling me to just veg out and order in dinner, but all of the sudden I decided I would rather eat my own food, and just made up some quick eggs for dinner.  I definitely felt a bit more energized than usual.  Even at work I haven’t been hitting the dreaded afternoon slump.  Today was also the first day that I didn’t feel the need to have an afternoon snack.  I had breakfast around 7, lunch at 1, and dinner at 6:45ish.  I did have some coconut flakes while I was starting to make dinner since I was starting to get that grumbly feeling.  It felt liberating to not need to have a snack – and I even had an egg waiting for my in my bag! Super.

B: 2 eggs in coconut oil, 2 strips bacon

L: brisket, 1/2 avocado

D: 2 eggs, coconut oil, sautéed onion, applegate farms pepperoni, scoop of guacamole (from husband’s Mexican takeout)

S: banana, coconut milk, almond butter

It is amazing to me how much eggs and a little meat will keep me satisfied for hours and hours.  It is definitely nice not to have to keep some snacks in my pocket at work!  I wasn’t really prepared for dinner tonight so I just resorted to eggs, but I actually really enjoyed them for dinner.  I do have some ground beef from the farmer’s market, but apparently it is supposed to snow here tomorrow so I am saving it to make some meatloaf tomorrow while we might be stuck inside.  The banana tasted really good, but I’m not sure if my stomach liked it so much…not sure if it was that or the coconut milk though.  I don’t really feel like I’m craving physically craving something sweet – it was more of a mental thing.  It is comforting though in a situation where I am wanting to have a little something “desserty” to have some fruit, and for now as I am transitioning I think that it is ok to use it for that purpose.

I feel slightly anxious since I had a whole plan for the farmer’s market again tomorrow, but it is supposed to rain/snow over here.  I think that if it is really gross out we might just take a trip to Whole Foods (is a bit far away, still need to take public transportation), or might have to suck it up at the regular grocery store.  We are going away next Friday through the weekend so I don’t want to overstock the fridge.


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