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Sooo I got a little bit of track.  But, I’m not going to let it get me down.  On our trip out of town this weekend I felt like I did pretty well…until the rice krispie (homemade at least) sugar bomb that I indulged in on Saturday night.  I also indulged in a few squares of dark chocolate a few hours before that, and that mate acted as some kind of gateway into other sugary treats.  I stayed grain and (mostly) dairy free while I was there, although I had a few french fries and potatoes at breakfast.  Being back home yesterday was totally fine, I even made a pot roast Sunday night so I would have food for Monday.  But, even though I packed my lunch today at work and ate it no problem, I had a sugar binge at work today.  This was super disappointing since I made it through the whole Halloween thing at work without indulging or even feeling the urge to have some sugar.  The few bites of chocolate led to even more sugar, and then sushi for dinner.  Normally I wouldn’t consider sushi the most horrible thing ever, but it definitely didn’t make my stomach feel too great.

So, where to go from here.  I still take great pride that I made it about 17 days on the Whole 30 being very strict, and that proved to me that this is something I will be able to stick with.  Instead of going back and starting over, I am just going to keep trucking ahead.  I suspect that part of doing the Whole 30 made me feel like I was on some kind of “diet”, even though the food doesn’t make me feel that way.  I think that I will just be continuing with the primal lifestyle as I want this to be a forever thing, not just a 30 day one!!  I suspect that the other thing that threw me off was the fact that I weighed myself this morning….this was a bad plan.  I did lost some weight, but not as much as I felt I did, which I know is so not the point of all of this.  So, the scale went back in the closet and I am back on track as of NOW.

I was starting to feel that I didn’t want to post here since I don’t know what to write about, and so that I wouldn’t feel guilty that I “cheated.”  But again, that is not the point of any of this.  I want to keep writing here so that I can feel accountable and be able to reflect and let out my feelings.  I know this isn’t going to be easy, as any lifestyle change is, even though this is the first time I truly truly believe in what I am doing and know this is the way I feel best.

The first commitment I am making right now is absolutely NO sugar.  I will continue to allow myself to have a serving of fruit a day, as I felt that was keeping me on track.  I am vowing right now to try my hardest to stay off sugar for the rest of 2011 to give my body more time to heal.  17 days clearly was not enough to get over this addiction.  I know this is something I can do, and I was feeling SO much better without it.  I am still going to stay away from dairy, with the exception of butter, which I am going to add some back in here and there, paying attention to how it makes my stomach feel.  I had some with breakfast this morning (fried my eggs in it), and I did feel this kept me full for a seriously long time, and I didn’t feel any stomach discomfort.  Although I was tempted, I am going to stay away from other forms of dairy for now.

Tomorrow is a new day, and I won’t let this derail me.  I know that this is a normal part of making any type of permanent change, and the plan is to learn from it and move on!


Unfortunately sleep and I have not had such a good time the last few nights, no thanks to our upstairs neighbor who doesn’t seem to care that I do not do well on missed sleep!  I’m wondering if that has anything to do with my weird sugar cravings today…I haven’t felt them too much during the last 16 days and am not a fan of them springing up all of a sudden.  Didn’t give in though, I guess that’s the most important part.

B: 2 eggs, tea (decaf) with coconut milk

L: meatloaf, roasted cauliflower

S: coconut flakes

D: Chili, apple with almond butter

I also notice that I didn’t have as much fat today (usually have some more avocado at least), maybe that could also be related to cravings? We shall see what tomorrow brings

So apparently I can’t count up to 30?  Because technically that would mean that I am halfway in to this challenge today, not yesterday.  Whatever, close enough.  I am definitely noticing the “no midday slump” feeling a lot lately, especially sitting at my desk in the afternoon.  It is pretty awesome.  Felt a little hungrier today, I was actually disappointed! But, it is not the crazy ridiculous anxiety provoking hunger I used to feel.  It is much more manageable which makes me happy 🙂  I am also glad that I cooked so much this weekend, it has been nice not to have to cook dinner when I get home from work, and lunches are super easy to pack up and go.

B: 2 eggs in coconut oil, last 2 slices of bacon

L: mealoaf, brussels sprouts

S: few bits of a chicken leg, coconut flakes

D: Chili, apple with almond butter and cinnamon

I haven’t been feeling so hungry in the morning, especially on my earlier days at work.  So, I boiled some eggs tonight and figure I will bring them with some avocado to eat at my desk before my day gets going.  I figure if I’m starting to get hungry on my way to work, I will bring some tea with coconut milk to keep me going.

A few more days at home, and then me and my new eats are hitting the road, we shall see how much of a challenge it presents!

2 weeks down!!  Excitement.  Appetite is still feeling lower, perhaps I have entered fat burning mode?? That would be awesome. Soo I realize I probably shouldn’t have been having bacon, although I don’t really see applegate farms bacon as being much different than a “high quality deli meat”.  I have two slices left, and in the sake of not wasting food I will probably just finish it tomorrow.  But, for the remaining two weeks I will lay off the bacon.  Yea yea, this may not technically be part of the rules, but for me it’s no problem, this is MY Whole30 after all, right?

B: 2 eggs in coconut oil, avocado

L: meatloaf (full o’ veggies), broccoli, avocado

S: banana with almond butter

D: leftover Chili, roasted brussels sprouts

Something about that banana and almond butter did NOT feel good in my stomach.  I suspect it was the almond butter which apparently had palm oil in it – maybe that doesn’t sit so well in my tummy?  It’s unclear at this moment.  I had bought some of this other almond butter (Justin’s brand), in single serve packs since I figured it would be good as an upcoming snack for  my weekend trips.  Maybe it was a fluke, I will have to try it again one of these day.  It tasted yummy at least.

I am super tired since I could not fall asleep last night, too many thoughts running through my head.  Gonna try to hit the hay early tonight.


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