Whole Sweet Life

Whole 30: 9

Posted on: October 27, 2011

I did not sleep well last night at all.  I fall asleep easily, but then I wake up a few times during the night and do weird things (my husband would have a TON to say about that).  I wondered if any of it was related to my sugar intake…its been 2 1/2 weeks of no sugar (other than a small amount of fruit), and it’s still hard to tell yet if it’s making a difference.  My sniffles are fading, but today I felt very weak on my walk home from work and was feeling super hungry, again I don’t think that I am eating enough at lunch, I need to make a bigger effort to remedy that situation.  We went to Costco tonight to get a few basics, and I did get some ground beef – it says it is organic/antibiotic free, etc, but on the package it says that their cows are pastured…probably not 100% perfect but a good back-up for a week that I might not be able to get to the farmer’s market.

B: 2 hardboiled eggs, avocado

L: meatloaf, cut up cucumber

S: coconut flakes, a few pecans

D: brisket, 1/2 apple with coconut&almond butter mixed together

I had planned on making a vegetable with dinner but really felt crappy when I got home. In looking at my eats I see a few difference from the days that I have felt more satiated: I didn’t have as much fat/meat with breakfast, and I didn’t have as much fat with lunch (or a veg).  So that just might be the culprit right there.  I think tomorrow I will go back to making my eggs at home in some coconut oil and with the rest of my sausage.  I guess it really does pay to have a food log to look at!


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