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I’ve made it a third of the way!  Surprisingly I don’t think I am missing dairy products at all – my usually favorite (cheese), isn’t even tempting me these days.  I’m shocked! Yes, I still long for a little bit of butter, but that will come in time 🙂  My cold is still slowly slipping away…it’s funny because from the neck down I really feel great, its just my head that is still giving me some trouble.  I was less hungry today, I think from having a better breakfast.

B: 2 eggs, sausage, coconut oil

L: brisket, 1/2 avocado, cucumber

S: hardboiled egg, coconut flakes

D: few bites of steak, pretty much a whole head of purple cauliflower (it was small and I just ate the florets)…then an hour or so later I had an apple with a mix of coconut/almond butter

I probably ate the apple since I didn’t have enough at dinner…I didn’t really like the steak so much.  I don’t have a grill so I have to cook it on my grill pan on my stove and steak/burgers just never seem to turn out right.  I think I am going to take a steak break and focus more on things I can make in my crockpot, or bake in the oven.  I am impressed that I have almost gone through my whole farmer’s market stash, for some reason I tend to never use anything and let things go bad.  I have some ground beef left that I plan on making another meatloaf out of tomorrow.  I don’t think my slight headache has anything to do with not eating enough today…I wonder if this is just still the initial “detox” of the stuff I was eating before?  I am longing for the day where everything finally kicks in and I am feeling the energy everyone is always talking about!


I did not sleep well last night at all.  I fall asleep easily, but then I wake up a few times during the night and do weird things (my husband would have a TON to say about that).  I wondered if any of it was related to my sugar intake…its been 2 1/2 weeks of no sugar (other than a small amount of fruit), and it’s still hard to tell yet if it’s making a difference.  My sniffles are fading, but today I felt very weak on my walk home from work and was feeling super hungry, again I don’t think that I am eating enough at lunch, I need to make a bigger effort to remedy that situation.  We went to Costco tonight to get a few basics, and I did get some ground beef – it says it is organic/antibiotic free, etc, but on the package it says that their cows are pastured…probably not 100% perfect but a good back-up for a week that I might not be able to get to the farmer’s market.

B: 2 hardboiled eggs, avocado

L: meatloaf, cut up cucumber

S: coconut flakes, a few pecans

D: brisket, 1/2 apple with coconut&almond butter mixed together

I had planned on making a vegetable with dinner but really felt crappy when I got home. In looking at my eats I see a few difference from the days that I have felt more satiated: I didn’t have as much fat/meat with breakfast, and I didn’t have as much fat with lunch (or a veg).  So that just might be the culprit right there.  I think tomorrow I will go back to making my eggs at home in some coconut oil and with the rest of my sausage.  I guess it really does pay to have a food log to look at!

Feeling better on the sick front today, and excited to get over this hump.  I noticed today at work that I am inhaling my lunch…it’s unfortunate but usually I am sitting at my desk having to do things on the computer when I eat (or else I won’t get to eat).  I need to try to find a way at work to try to take a few minutes to take a deep breath and slow down.  It’s still hard to tell exactly how I’m feeling since I still feel a little sick, but I do feel a bit lighter on my feet, and noticed that I’m not getting the usual afternoon slump.   I also wasn’t hungry until later in the day today, and actually liked the feeling of having an empty stomach!

B: 2 hardboiled eggs (brought an avocado but didn’t eat it, wasn’t feeling super hungry)

L: leftover meatloaf and broccoli from last night, coconut flakes

D: out @ a mexican restaurant – a few ounces of carne asada steak (brought home a little more than half of it), avocado, tomato

I was proud that I did not touch even ONE chip, and didn’t even feel that tempted by it.  The tomato was also covered in cheese, and i scraped every last bit off.  The cheese did look tempting at first glance, but not when I thought about it too much 🙂

Officially made it a full week.  Plus overall I have not had any sugar in 2 weeks, which is the longest stretch of time in a LONG time.  So that is definitely something to be proud of.  I am feeling better today, the sniffles are starting to head out.  It’s hard to tell how I am really feeling a week in since I have felt sick, so I am looking forward to what the next week will bring.

B: 2 eggs, sausage, coconut oil

L: salad, avocado, lamb burger, EVOO/lemon juice

S: hardboiled egg, coconut flakes

D: meatloaf (new fave!), roasted broccoli in coconut oil

I’ve decided I am not really feeling the salads at the moment.  Part of it is that I don’t love olive oil dressing (I was always a creamy dressing kinda girl).  So I basically threw half of my lunch out (ate the burger and avocado out of it).  I think I should lay off the salads for now and stick to what I know that I like.  I think that I needed the afternoon snack since I didn’t eat much lunch – I’m wondering if maybe I need to eat more at lunch in general.  Breakfast keeps me full for up to 6 hours sometimes, but lunch sometimes only a few, that seems off.  Going to experiment with this one.

Onto week 2!

Still sick over here.  No headache though, just still nice and sniffly.  This is gonna be short and sweet since I need to go get ready for bed soon:

B: 2 eggs in coconut oil, onions, 2 breakfast sausages (from farmer’s market)

L: (at Whole Foods) big piece rotisserie chicken (ingredients: chicken, salt, pepper!), salad with oil/vinegar

S: hardboiled egg, pecans

D: salad (veggies + avocado “dressing”, lamb burgers)

I wasn’t feeling super hungry for dinner (a new trend maybe?), so my husband finished about 1/3 of my plate.  I really liked the way the lamb tasted!  It was a big lighter tasting than the meat, I like it.  But, I’m not such a fan of making burgers on my stove, I still wish we had a grill, that would make life a bit easier.  I think maybe a meatloaf would be a better bet. Tomorrow is a week in already, time is flying!  And I’m barely missing dairy 🙂

Gah I am most definitely sick.  Stuffy nose, headache…no good.  But, even though I am not feeling so hot, my husband and I still made it to the farmer’s market today! It was very exciting, even with the subway issues.  I also noticed I didn’t feel as claustrophobic or agitated while walking around the market (it’s a huge market with a LOT of people, especially on a Saturday).  Now I might be crazy, but part of my thinks this is somehow related to my lack of sugar intake and lack of hangriness (hungry + angry = hangry…this was my constant state before changing the way I am eating and trying to regular my blood sugar).  I feel like I came home with a pretty nice haul: a couple pounds of grass fed beef (ground, steaks, brisket), pastured ground lamb (first time cooking lamb! I’m excited), breakfast pork sausage (all good ingredients, psyched about this), broccoli, purple cauliflower, kirby cucumbers, 2 jars fresh pickles (for the hubby), orange and yellow tomatoes, and some lettuce mix.  I am hoping to go to the market once every week…it’s hard when I am not around on Saturdays since it’s hard to get there during the week after work since they aren’t open too late.  But, it is definitely doable!  Even if I try to go to the farmer’s market during the week and don’t make it, there is a Whole Foods right there I could also hit up.  One of my biggest complaints about where I am living right now is lack of good places to food shop, but I just need to make time to get what I need.  Plus it is not THAT far away, just sometimes annoying to not be able to drive there.

Eats for today:

B: 2 eggs in coconut oil, sautéed onions (more coco oil), avocado

S: handful pecans, coconut flakes (while cooking lunch)

L: steak (probably the best I have cooked so far, didn’t overcook it for once!), avocado, pickle (only a little, still don’t love pickles but I was trying to like the one’s from the farmer’s market)

I ate a later lunch so I’m not super hungry at the moment, and probably won’t have dinner.  If I am feeling a bit hungry I will probably have an apple with some almond/coconut butter

I am going to go pop some Vitamin C and hope I feel better tomorrow!

I am feeling kind of sick today – mentally I feel fine but I am all stuffed out! More is coming out than staying in (TMI sorry), but I am definitely a sniffle monster. I think I sound worse than I feel though.  No headache today, and I think that I feel less hungry today than I did the past few.


B: 2 eggs in coconut oil, chicken apple sausage, avocado

L: Leftover Primal Chili (delicious the next day!), coconut flakes

S: a strawberry, very small piece of lemon, few grapes (eaten while I was working and waiting around for something, definitely a better choice than the brownies and candy everyone else was eating)

D: salad that I didn’t eat from lunch (lettuce, cucumber, avocado, scallion, tomato), few slices applegate farms pepperoni (not the best choice ever but makin due with what I have, I figure its not that much different than their bacon?), dressing (olive oil, lemon juice, sea salt)

I also had a small handful of pecans on my walk home from work. I drank more water today, definitely helping that I am bringing my water bottle with some lemon slices in it to work. I didn’t feel that tempted by the junk people were eating at work today (I work in a hospital, so patients are always leaving things on the floors for the staff to eat, and with halloween coming up there has been a lot of junk around).  It was good for me to note though that I felt a little weird after eating the fruit, I think I had a bit of a blood sugar surge and felt a little spacey and not so great.  I think that I do better when I eat a small piece of fruit with some fat/protein like the almond or coconut butter.

Tomorrow we are going to the farmer’s market in the morning, I have been looking forward to it all week!!


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