Whole Sweet Life

Whole30: 15

Posted on: November 2, 2011

So apparently I can’t count up to 30?  Because technically that would mean that I am halfway in to this challenge today, not yesterday.  Whatever, close enough.  I am definitely noticing the “no midday slump” feeling a lot lately, especially sitting at my desk in the afternoon.  It is pretty awesome.  Felt a little hungrier today, I was actually disappointed! But, it is not the crazy ridiculous anxiety provoking hunger I used to feel.  It is much more manageable which makes me happy 🙂  I am also glad that I cooked so much this weekend, it has been nice not to have to cook dinner when I get home from work, and lunches are super easy to pack up and go.

B: 2 eggs in coconut oil, last 2 slices of bacon

L: mealoaf, brussels sprouts

S: few bits of a chicken leg, coconut flakes

D: Chili, apple with almond butter and cinnamon

I haven’t been feeling so hungry in the morning, especially on my earlier days at work.  So, I boiled some eggs tonight and figure I will bring them with some avocado to eat at my desk before my day gets going.  I figure if I’m starting to get hungry on my way to work, I will bring some tea with coconut milk to keep me going.

A few more days at home, and then me and my new eats are hitting the road, we shall see how much of a challenge it presents!


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