Whole Sweet Life

Whole30: 14

Posted on: November 1, 2011

2 weeks down!!  Excitement.  Appetite is still feeling lower, perhaps I have entered fat burning mode?? That would be awesome. Soo I realize I probably shouldn’t have been having bacon, although I don’t really see applegate farms bacon as being much different than a “high quality deli meat”.  I have two slices left, and in the sake of not wasting food I will probably just finish it tomorrow.  But, for the remaining two weeks I will lay off the bacon.  Yea yea, this may not technically be part of the rules, but for me it’s no problem, this is MY Whole30 after all, right?

B: 2 eggs in coconut oil, avocado

L: meatloaf (full o’ veggies), broccoli, avocado

S: banana with almond butter

D: leftover Chili, roasted brussels sprouts

Something about that banana and almond butter did NOT feel good in my stomach.  I suspect it was the almond butter which apparently had palm oil in it – maybe that doesn’t sit so well in my tummy?  It’s unclear at this moment.  I had bought some of this other almond butter (Justin’s brand), in single serve packs since I figured it would be good as an upcoming snack for  my weekend trips.  Maybe it was a fluke, I will have to try it again one of these day.  It tasted yummy at least.

I am super tired since I could not fall asleep last night, too many thoughts running through my head.  Gonna try to hit the hay early tonight.


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