Whole Sweet Life

Whole30: 13

Posted on: October 31, 2011

I really needed this super mellow weekend, and I’m sad that it is quickly coming to a close.  We basically bummed around in our pi’s the whole time, slept till 10am both mornings, and caught up on some TV watching.  The next two weekends are going to be busy for me as I am going to be out of town visiting friends from Fri-Sun both weekends.  Originally when I had planned on doing a Whole30 I almost didn’t start it  (again) because I knew I wouldn’t be home every weekend.  But, then I figured that there was no good a time as the present, and that if I waited another month then I would regret it.  I do have to say I am feeling much less anxious about these coming trips now that I am almost 2 weeks in.  Plus I will have another 4 days or so under my belt before I am away from home.

I had a nice cookstravaganza this weekend and made large quantities of meatloaf and chili, and roasted a chicken.  I would have mad more if we were going to be home into next weekend, and I do have some more good quality meat in the freezer that I can throw into the crock pot this week if we need another meal.  Plus a new burger place opened up by us that my husband really wants to try.

B/L (eaten at 11am): 2 eggs in coconut oil, bacon, avocado

S: banana with almond/coconut butter

D: Chili (from Make it Paleo – was super delicious, and what an awesome book!), roasted broccoli in coconut oil

Again, my appetite isn’t as big as usual, and I’m hoping it will stay that way for when I am out of town.  I felt the slight urge to exercise this weaken (have never been a super huge fan), but alas I figured I would ride out these last two days of sniffles (pretty much gone now) and hang in my pjs.  I’m glad that I have meals cooked for at least the next 2 days or so, which means I can try to do a little exercise when I get home from work this week.  I really don’t like the gym atmosphere, so I am going to take some cues from some of the books I’ve been reading regarding some basic movements that I can do in my living room.  It is still hard to snap out of the feeling that I won’t lose weight if I don’t exercise every day (now I know how not true this is), and focus more on the way it is making me feel stronger.  I have been feeling a bit winded by the massive amounts of stairs I need to climb both at work and on my commute to work, and really won’t want to be feeling that way.  I told myself that I would only start exercising again (I do walk about an hour a day to and from work and walk a lot / climb a lot of stairs at my job, it’s not a desk job) when my body told me it was ready, and I think I might be feeling the urge now, surprisingly enough).

Other changes I have been noticing:

-yesterday was the first day I felt myself saying “wow, I am finally starting to feel really good”, including feeling more optimistic about things in general (some life things are up in the air right now and it’s easy for me to feel anxious about them)

-I’m not really feeling many sugar cravings which is awesome – there is a lot of candy at work (and will get worse with the upcoming holiday season), and I am starting to believe that I will be able to get through it unscathed

-I found myself thinking the other day that maybe I won’t reintroduce dairy into my diet (if at all?) after these 30 days (with the exception of maybe some Kerrygold butter here and there) since I am not really missing it at all

So, the bottom line is that I am feeling good and am going to just keep on keeping on.  I feel somewhat in control of food, maybe for the first time in my life. I don’t wan’t this feeling to go away.


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