Whole Sweet Life

Whole30: 12

Posted on: October 29, 2011

What happened to the Fall weather in the Northeast??  Fall is by far my favorite season, and it seems as if we have skipped over it altogether.  Today it snowed a whole bunch by us, which stopped me from my next much anticipated trip to the Farmer’s Market.  Instead we drove a bit and went to a different grocery store (more like a specialty market than a regular grocery story) that has grass fed meat and organic poultry (some of it seems to be free range).  I got what I needed (plus a few other specialty items I had been looking for anyways), so it ended up being a good trip.  When we left the store our car was covered with snow, and I even had to borrow a scraper from the car next to us.  We bought our car a few months ago, and didn’t even think we would need a scraper this early!  Not happy.  So instead of doing something nice outside we cleaned our apartment and I made some meatloaf.

B: 2 eggs in coconut oil, applegate farms pepperoni (needed to finish the package, won’t be having this too often), onions

L: it wasn’t really lunch, but about 5 hours after breakfast I thought I should have something so I had a banana with coconut/almond butter

D: meatloaf (made with zucchini, onions, and carrot), 1/2 avocado

My appetite was pretty non-existent today.  I was a little hungry for breakfast but that was about it.  I only ate about half the piece of meatloaf and gave the rest to my husband, it tasted great I just didn’t feel like I needed much.  This was the second day of feeling less hunger, and to me it is SO liberating.  I feel like I have always been a slave to my hunger, and always worried about where my next meal would come from, would I make a “healthy” choice, would I feel so full afterwards, etc.  To me it is such a wonderful feeling to not feel hungry, and eat a little something just because I knew my body needed some nourishment.

It is interesting to note that bananas don’t seem to bother my stomach at all (I eat them typically when they are still slightly green and underripe), whereas apples seem to give me a bit of a gurgle feeling.  Ever since starting this whole Paleo thing I have a little bit of a fear of fruit, since I do need to lose a significant amount of weight and I don’t want to hold things up.  But, I think that one serving a day is fine for now and I can always re-evaluate if necessary.  It’s funny because I have been reading a lot about fertility/pregnancy lately (not trying to get pregnant right now, but hopefully in the near-ish future), and my thoughts about food and what I would eat while pregnant have changed so much over the past few months.  I used to have the typical “I can’t wait until I’m pregnant so that I can eat whatever I want” thoughts.  The other day  I found myself thinking that I can’t wait to be pregnant so that I could have more fruit and sweet potatoes!!! I’m thinking that is a pretty good change in thinking and hopefully that means that these changes are really starting to stick.


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