Whole Sweet Life

Whole30: 5

Posted on: October 22, 2011

Gah I am most definitely sick.  Stuffy nose, headache…no good.  But, even though I am not feeling so hot, my husband and I still made it to the farmer’s market today! It was very exciting, even with the subway issues.  I also noticed I didn’t feel as claustrophobic or agitated while walking around the market (it’s a huge market with a LOT of people, especially on a Saturday).  Now I might be crazy, but part of my thinks this is somehow related to my lack of sugar intake and lack of hangriness (hungry + angry = hangry…this was my constant state before changing the way I am eating and trying to regular my blood sugar).  I feel like I came home with a pretty nice haul: a couple pounds of grass fed beef (ground, steaks, brisket), pastured ground lamb (first time cooking lamb! I’m excited), breakfast pork sausage (all good ingredients, psyched about this), broccoli, purple cauliflower, kirby cucumbers, 2 jars fresh pickles (for the hubby), orange and yellow tomatoes, and some lettuce mix.  I am hoping to go to the market once every week…it’s hard when I am not around on Saturdays since it’s hard to get there during the week after work since they aren’t open too late.  But, it is definitely doable!  Even if I try to go to the farmer’s market during the week and don’t make it, there is a Whole Foods right there I could also hit up.  One of my biggest complaints about where I am living right now is lack of good places to food shop, but I just need to make time to get what I need.  Plus it is not THAT far away, just sometimes annoying to not be able to drive there.

Eats for today:

B: 2 eggs in coconut oil, sautéed onions (more coco oil), avocado

S: handful pecans, coconut flakes (while cooking lunch)

L: steak (probably the best I have cooked so far, didn’t overcook it for once!), avocado, pickle (only a little, still don’t love pickles but I was trying to like the one’s from the farmer’s market)

I ate a later lunch so I’m not super hungry at the moment, and probably won’t have dinner.  If I am feeling a bit hungry I will probably have an apple with some almond/coconut butter

I am going to go pop some Vitamin C and hope I feel better tomorrow!


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