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Whole30: Day 1

Posted on: October 19, 2011

Well, day 1 is almost over and I am feeling pretty good about it!  A few things to note:

I have a slight headache, but I am maybe going to attribute this to the unfortunate airport food that I ate yesterday and possible not enough water today

I felt a bit nauseous even looking at eggs this morning, and even though I didn’t have any butter (I used ghee – maybe I should even try without that?), I think my stomach was bothering me a bit after breakfast.  It is hard to tell if it is a true stomach issue, or just my anxiety about going to work in the morning.  When we were away I don’t really remember feeling yucky after eating the eggs.  But, I am going to try to mix it up tomorrow and have a coconut milk smoothie for breakfast since I feel kinda sick of eggs anyways.

Food for the day:

Breakfast – 2 eggs over medium, made with ghee

Lunch – salad with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, scallions, rotisserie chicken, 1/2 an avocado, few sliced almonds dressing (olive oil, vinegar, dijon), salt), and some coconut flakes

Snack – hardboiled egg (this didn’t bother my stomach – maybe its just eggs in the morning?or the ghee?)

Dinner – salmon cakes (salmon, onion, tomato, egg) pan fried in coconut oil, roasted veg (cauliflower (white and purple), broccoli, coconut oil and salt)

I couldn’t eat a lot of the salmon (didn’t love it), so currently noshing on a green apple and a coconut butter/sunbutter mix

I lifted some weights and did a lot of squats one day while we were away, and my legs are still killing me, so I’m going to wait another day or two to lift again.  walking the subway stairs was enough for me today!

I also have this on again/off again right wrist pain that I have had for the last few years.  It comes and goes, usually starts hurting and lasts for a week or so and then goes away. For some reason today it started hurting more than usual which seems weird.  I don’t know why I am having this weird gut feeling about eggs, but I could be crazy.  I think I need to try a day without them and see how I feel.



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